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Published Work

Barbara Gomez-Aguinaga, Ana L. Oaxaca, Matt A. Barreto & Gabriel R. Sanchez. 2021. "Spanish-Language News Consumption and Latino Reactions to COVID-19" International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18(18) Available Online

Working Papers

Efrén Pérez, Jessica HyunJeong Lee, Ana L. Oaxaca "Manifold Threats to White Identity and Their Political Effects on White Partisans" Under Review

Efrén Pérez, Jessica HyunJeong Lee, Ana L. Oaxaca, Cole Mathews, Madison Ritsema "Experimenting with Interview Language and Latino Support for COVID-19 Protocols" Under Review


Ana L. Oaxaca "Mayors at the Forefront of Resistance? Assessing Mayoral and Municipal Response to National Immigration Politics" Paper presented at WPSA 2019, APSA 2019

Ana L. Oaxaca & Angela X. Ocampo "Minority Descriptive Representation at the Municipal Level"
Paper presented at WPSA 2019, APSA, 2019

Ana L. Oaxaca, Angela X. Ocampo & Ali Valenzuela "Local Immigration Context, Perceptions of Inclusion and Political Engagement Among Latinos"
Paper presented at the State Politics and Policy Conference 2019

Ana L. Oaxaca, Marcel F. Roman & Rodolfo Solis "How Social Ties with Undocumented Immigrants Inform Latinx Identity Formation"
Paper presented at SPSA 2020, and PRIEC (UNM) 2019

Public Facing Research 

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